Chaz' Circumcision Recovery Photos / Reconstruction Surgery - Weeks 52 thru 72

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Okay -- Here's the WHOLE story with that.... Read this in order to understand why I went for a third operation!

I had a PA for ten years prior to my circumcision and scrotal recession phalloplasty on 10 January 2005. When my frenulum was removed, the exit hole for the 00ga Prince Albert was "too close for comfort" to the urethral opening. Having had a PA ripped out once before, I didn't want to take the risk of it happening again. So when I was circumcised (photos at: ), Doctor Cornell also tried to close my PA hole; however, within four days, the PA hole re-opened. :-(

I went back to the Dr. David in April 2005 for some minor adjustments to my circumcision. We attempted to close the PA hole once again -- this time, to keep the pressure and wetness of urine away from the former PA hole, I was catheterised. The attempt sadly failed to close up the hole...

We decided to let things be for a while (I wasn't enjoying all the "down time", plus we wanted things to settle down before operating again...)

As you can see in this photo series ( ), during the recuperation period, I put my 00ga segment ring Prince Albert back in as of November 2005, as I was getting very tired of pissing on my balls through the 00ga hole! Since getting the frenulum removed changed the location and angle of the PA hole.

In January 2006 I went back to the Dr. David for more tweaking. I had a 1cm strip of tissue REMOVED from the underside of my cock from the mucosal tissue all the way down to the bottom of my scrotum, making it tight circumferentially as well as lengthwise. At this time, we tried once again to close the PA hole. This time, we surgically performed a meatotomy so we could get to the fistula (the PA tunnel) and remove it surgically from the inside. Once the fistula was removed, we sutured the urethra, the internal tissue and externally down the entire length of my cock. Once again, I was catheterised.

This time it looked like this was working! BUT about six days past the surgery I developed a UTI (urinary tract infection) -- I should probably have been on stronger antibiotics. :-( This caused all the internal sutures holding the meatotomy closed to be rejected by my body and the meatotomy healed in an open state. I'm going to leave it like this until the fall/winter of 2006 and I will get it closed up again, this time using the stronger antibiotic to prevent a UTI.

It's an odd feeling to be able to put your finger in your pisshole! But it's actually stranger getting a blow job and having someone put their tongue in there! WOOF! Funny thing is, I can piss straighter while standing up again like this than I could WITH the PA in!!

The photos below are in chronological order.  The filenames are derived by WEEKS after the procedure [W##], DAYS after the procedure [D###], for example w02_d008_004.jpg is from WEEK 2, the 8th DAY after surgery and is the 4th image in the set.

Any questions? As always -- send me an e-mail! I'll answer as best I can!
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